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It’s been a busy year…

From our Save Housing campaign against Article 4 directions to our NLA Landlord Live show, it has been another busy year at the National Landlords Association.  Let’s take a look back on this year’s big stories and how they impacted on the wider private-rented sector… 2011 started with our Saving Housing in Portsmouth campaign – … Continue reading It’s been a busy year…

Time these rogues were dispatched once and for all

Channel Four’s long running ‘Dispatches’ programme took an in-depth look at a subject very close to the NLA’s heart this week, the private-rented sector. Entitled ‘Landlords from Hell’ and presented by veteran journalist Jon Snow, the programme sought to expose the sorry state of the private-rented sector and the shocking actions of those operating below … Continue reading Time these rogues were dispatched once and for all

What do you call an optimistic landlord?

Some might say 'delusional' Others would prefer 'visionary' I'll leave you to decide But as incongruous as it may sound, according to the NLA’s Landlord Optimism Index, private residential landlords are more hopeful about their prospects now than at any point since the start of the credit crunch. As always, context is crucial and it … Continue reading What do you call an optimistic landlord?

Nowhere left to go….

We’re told that 2011 will be all about localism. Which is great, local people dealing with local problems in a local way. However, not everything can be considered in isolation without taking into account the wider context. In the same way that very few housing issues can be viewed without reference to wider social factors. … Continue reading Nowhere left to go….

Landlords to be dealt a fair hand?

Landlords could be forgiven for letting out a collective groan when, minister Chris Huhne MP, announced the Government are to push ahead with new measures to encourage greater energy efficiency in the private-rented sector. But unlike some earlier initiatives, the 'Green Deal', is a scheme designed to provide up-front funding for energy efficiency improvements including … Continue reading Landlords to be dealt a fair hand?