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What Cost Balanced Communities? One Landlord’s View on Article 4 Directions

Article 4 Directions mean that anyone renting a property with 3 or more unrelated people will require planning permission if the property does not have established rights to do so. Many local authorities are using this ‘planning tool’ as a mechanism for creating what they call a more ‘balanced’ community. In reality these local authorities … Continue reading What Cost Balanced Communities? One Landlord’s View on Article 4 Directions

It’s been a busy year…

From our Save Housing campaign against Article 4 directions to our NLA Landlord Live show, it has been another busy year at the National Landlords Association.  Let’s take a look back on this year’s big stories and how they impacted on the wider private-rented sector… 2011 started with our Saving Housing in Portsmouth campaign – … Continue reading It’s been a busy year…

Why hast thou Article Four-saken me?

Unless you're an avid member of the National Trust (or happen to live in a conservation area) Article Four of the Town and Country Planning Act was probably not a major topic of conversation up until a year or two ago. All of that has changed, thanks to some of the last actions of the … Continue reading Why hast thou Article Four-saken me?

Nowhere left to go….

We’re told that 2011 will be all about localism. Which is great, local people dealing with local problems in a local way. However, not everything can be considered in isolation without taking into account the wider context. In the same way that very few housing issues can be viewed without reference to wider social factors. … Continue reading Nowhere left to go….