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Lies, Statistics, and Local Authorities

Mark Twain attributes the following to Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli: "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." Politicians across the world have followed this maxim - with particular use of obfuscation and statistical manipulation - as often as possible and arguably making it into an art form. There have been many examples through time … Continue reading Lies, Statistics, and Local Authorities

Government to Ban Tenants with Pets?

Following a less than successful election for the returning Prime Minister, the build up to the Queen’s Speech seemed to be focussed on identifying what manifesto policies would actually survive the inevitable cull to improve its chances of being passed. One thing not to be dropped was the Government’s pledge to ban all letting fees … Continue reading Government to Ban Tenants with Pets?

Election 2017: The Irony of May!

She wanted a tenancy renewal, she got a statutory periodic – there’s no reason she can’t stay put as long as she fulfils her part of the bargain, but there’s no guarantees. It’s a stretch of a PRS analogy, but a fairly illustrative one given the gambit Mrs May relied upon, and the outcome that … Continue reading Election 2017: The Irony of May!

Lib Dem PRS Plans: Sticks & Carrots

This week saw the publishing of the Liberal Democrat manifesto, and their proposals to tackle the private rented sector (PRS). You can view a summary of the main proposals impacting landlords and their businesses here, however we look at a few key points below. Longer Term Tenancies…and Rent Controls? Just like Labour, the Lib Dems … Continue reading Lib Dem PRS Plans: Sticks & Carrots

Labour Manifesto: For the landlords?

In a landlords world, when something starts to leak it usually becomes very costly; roofs, washing machines, shower-trays all start with a drip and result in damage. As such when we reported that the Labour Party manifesto had been leaked last week there were very real concerns that we were about to see a highly … Continue reading Labour Manifesto: For the landlords?