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Where does the time go?

If I have to get my gas appliances checked annually, how many inspections will I need over a 12 year period? 12 Surely, one every year. Maybe, but its quite likely to be 13. Look at it this way, if you’re conscientious about making sure that you always carry out the inspection before last year’s report … Continue reading Where does the time go?

Time to Check Compliance

Russell Brittain, Electrical & Lighting Buyer at Toolstation, the trade and DIY supplier, discusses the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Legislation From 1 October 2015, private sector landlords have been required to install a smoke alarm on every storey of their properties and a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm in any room that contains a solid … Continue reading Time to Check Compliance

1 October – a day of change for landlords

As of today (1 October 2015) new rules come into force which will change the responsibilities of landlords who let properties in England when it comes to three key issues: 1. Retaliatory evictions The Government has addressed this issue as part of the Deregulation Act and it means that landlords must follow new rules to … Continue reading 1 October – a day of change for landlords

‘Student-proof’ your property by registering its appliances

By Douglas Herbison, Chief Executive, the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA). September’s coming and so are the hordes of students looking for digs.  Each academic year, the half a million or so young people needing rented accommodation represent a real opportunity for landlords across the country. The private rental sector accounts for a … Continue reading ‘Student-proof’ your property by registering its appliances

Stay safe this festive season – don’t let fire ruin your Christmas

While fire safety is important all year round, the festive period can increase the chances of fire due to a number of factors such the use of candles, Christmas lights and heaters. While they are great for creating the perfect festive atmosphere they do carry some risk. Many will also be sitting back and relaxing, … Continue reading Stay safe this festive season – don’t let fire ruin your Christmas