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Brexit From The European Perspective

With the triggering of Article 50, momentous political times are underway. The Brexit impact on the UK‘s property market is still unknown, but it is undeniable that it will be tangible. While many analysts try to predict the repercussions on house and real estate prices, it might be wiser to look at the bigger picture. … Continue reading Brexit From The European Perspective

Are you being served?

Are you being served?

Landlords across the country may well have a degree of sympathy for Theresa May today as she triggers Article 50. The Prime Minister is now facing the same problems a landlord often regrettably faces on a regular basis – doing something she didn’t ever originally want to do. Those that have sought repossession using S21 … Continue reading Are you being served?

Is this the end of the EPC?

Handed down to the UK through the catchy-named European Union Directive 2002/91/EC, Energy Performance Certificates have been the cause of many a headache for landlords since their introduction through the infamous Home Information Packs in 2007. In 2012 we saw the tightening on regulations mandating EPCs for the private rented sector, and just last year … Continue reading Is this the end of the EPC?

EU Referendum: Making your mind up!

  With two days to go before the polls open it is make your mind up time on Britain's future relationship with the EU. As you know the NLA is a non-politically aligned membership organisation. We are therefore not taking a position on whether the United Kingdom should remain a member or leave the European Union … Continue reading EU Referendum: Making your mind up!

Balls to the EU – will landlords kick us out of Europe?

It was a bad week in Europe for British clubs with Liverpool and Man City the sole British survivors.  As a Liverpool fan I don’t care about the others frankly, especially as the Premier League is still likely to keep hold of its four Champions League places, BUT I digress… On Thursday 23 June there … Continue reading Balls to the EU – will landlords kick us out of Europe?