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Lies, Statistics, and Local Authorities

Mark Twain attributes the following to Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli: "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." Politicians across the world have followed this maxim - with particular use of obfuscation and statistical manipulation - as often as possible and arguably making it into an art form. There have been many examples through time … Continue reading Lies, Statistics, and Local Authorities

Government to Ban Tenants with Pets?

Following a less than successful election for the returning Prime Minister, the build up to the Queen’s Speech seemed to be focussed on identifying what manifesto policies would actually survive the inevitable cull to improve its chances of being passed. One thing not to be dropped was the Government’s pledge to ban all letting fees … Continue reading Government to Ban Tenants with Pets?

Are you being served?

Are you being served?

Landlords across the country may well have a degree of sympathy for Theresa May today as she triggers Article 50. The Prime Minister is now facing the same problems a landlord often regrettably faces on a regular basis – doing something she didn’t ever originally want to do. Those that have sought repossession using S21 … Continue reading Are you being served?

Is this the end of the EPC?

Handed down to the UK through the catchy-named European Union Directive 2002/91/EC, Energy Performance Certificates have been the cause of many a headache for landlords since their introduction through the infamous Home Information Packs in 2007. In 2012 we saw the tightening on regulations mandating EPCs for the private rented sector, and just last year … Continue reading Is this the end of the EPC?

Diaries of a Trade Association Policy Team: Volume One

Representing landlords may not always be the most glamorous job, but it sure does keep us busy. From travelling up and down the country meeting with local authorities, to lobbying Government officials and ministers across various departments, there is never a dull day. And this week was no exception. Implementing the Housing and Planning Act … Continue reading Diaries of a Trade Association Policy Team: Volume One