HMO: Heaven or Hell? Does shared housing provide the best yields?

While the impact of the April tax changes continues to be felt, landlords may be considering the prospect of buying and creating Homes in Multiple Occupation (HMOs).

But are these properties worth the extra hassle? Shared housing can provide competitive rental yields but can often be riskier. With an increasing number of mandatory licensing and selective licensing schemes in place in many local authorities, it comes with its own headaches and costs.

Are HMOs for me?

In the latest episode of the NLA Podcast Inside Property, presenter Richard Blanco and guests discuss the pros and cons of HMO properties, including:

  • Do higher yields outweigh the extra management costs?
  • What should landlords be aware of when creating HMOs?
  • Shared housing sometimes has a perception of poor standards – is this fair?
  • Is shared housing still a viable option for benefit claimants?

To discuss the issues, Richard is joined by investors and experts in planning and licensing::

  • Alison Broderick, Planning Manager of Platinum Property Partners
  • Ash Zuberi, founder of HMO Group
  • Billy Gill, Director,Open House Estate Agents
  • Richard Tacagni, founder of London Property Licensing

To listen to the podcast please visit or download it on Audioboom and iTunes.Stroud_Green_Houses_on_Stapleton_Hall_Road

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