Court fees go up!

Court fees going up
Court fees going up

Using the courts as a landlord is something we all hope not to have to do. However, the reality is that it is often called upon as a last resort for landlords looking to regain possession of their property after a spout of rent arrears or non-payment. It’s difficult to budget these costs into a business plan as they are often unpredictable. This is why we always encourage landlords to budget to receive 10 months out of every 12 months’ rent.

But new court fee rises could mean that landlords need to set even more money aside for those worst case scenarios. Court fees are going up from the 22nd April 2014. And they’re going up significantly from £175 for a standard eviction to £280. There will be increases on a range of fees including money claims fees and various others.

Here’s what Alan Jakeway, NLA Advice Line Manager, says about the changes:

“These price rises significantly increase the costs for landlords. Ending a tenancy and regaining possession of a property is already an expensive measure for landlords and this is going to put more strain on their balance sheets.

I would anticipate that any landlords considering taking proceedings will rush to complete the paperwork before the 22nd April to avoid the price hike.”

And here is the table of increases likely to affect landlords:

Function New fee £ Old fee £
N5B 280 175
N5/N119 280 175
PCOL 250 100
Up to £300 35 35
£300+ to £500 50 50
£500+ to £1000 70 70
£1000+ to £1500 80 80
£1500+ to £3000 95 115
£3000+ to £5000 120 205
£5000+ to £15000 245 455
Up to £300 25 25
£300+ to £500 35 35
£500+ to £1000 60 60
£1000+ to £1500 70 70
£1500+ to £3000 80 105
£3000+ to £5000 100 185
£5000+ to £15000 210 410
Application for a Warrant for Possession 110 110


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