NLA Green Deal is here

David Cox, the NLA’s Senior Policy Officer and Green Deal Guru, shares news of the NLA’s exciting new Green Deal solution.
David Cox, the NLA’s Senior Policy Officer and Green Deal Guru, shares news of the NLA’s exciting new Green Deal solution.

David Cox, the NLA’s Senior Policy Officer and Green Deal Guru, shares news of the NLA’s exciting new Green Deal solution.

On Monday the 28th January the long awaited, eagerly anticipated Green Deal did finally launch.

And today we have launched an exciting new Green Deal product to help you take advantage of the scheme: NLA Green Deal.  NLA Green Deal is an all-in-one solution that provides everything from initial assessment of a property to finding a provider and installing the improvements.

Works can be completed during convenient periods and often at little disruption to the tenant. It’s a win-win situation and the NLA actively encourages all landlords to register their interest by visiting the NLA Green Deal website.

But before you get stuck in, it’s a good idea to read up on the scheme and what it involves. To learn more about the Green Deal, take the time to read this series of articles that explain all there is to know about the scheme and what’s involved.

Whilst it may seem slightly complicated initially, in essence the cost of energy efficiency improvements made under the Green Deal, such as loft and wall insulation, will be paid through a loan attached to the property’s energy bills. However, due to the energy savings achieved by the improvements, the energy bill will never be higher than it would have been if the work had not been carried out – it is cost neutral.

And ultimately, it is in the landlords’ best interest to make their properties more energy efficient as properties found to have a poor Energy Performance Rating (F or G rated) after 2018 will no longer be fit to let under the new legislation. Furthermore, warm tenants are happy tenants and if their energy bills are competitive, even better.

Whilst we’re only at the beginning of the Green Deal journey, it’s reassuring to hear landlords’ enthusiasm towards the scheme. I’ve already spoken to many members about the Green Deal and those who have taken the time to find out exactly what it’s about are keen to get involved early.

One member I spoke to this week was planning his six monthly inspections and was going to take the opportunity to sit down and talk to each tenant about the Green Deal before taking the next step and booking a Green Deal assessment.

The feedback to date has been really encouraging and I hope this scheme really does encourage landlords and home owners alike to improve the energy efficiency of the UK’s housing stock.

To register your interest today, visit

2 thoughts on “NLA Green Deal is here

  1. How do you view a property being “blighted” by a green deal debt vide:
    I remember “Grants for flat conversions.To qualify you had to do and pay for unnecessary work such as dpc. Injection does not work,anyway even building in a pond the maximum water rise is one or two inches.Part of the new energy “saving” is to seal a property and use energy for mechanical ventilation. 19th century used passive ventilation at no cost. We pay taxes for “green” rubbish disposal. Singapore builds Islands at a profit” with their rubbish.How long to recoup capital & maintenance cost of “wind-generators”
    “Old Cynic”

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